Newborn baby girl in a scroll bed with flowers

My children went to Kindy with this baby girl’s grandmother and it was amazing that I was asked to photograph this new little family.

First we start with family poses. Aria-Rose was given this little outfit by her grandmother especially for her family photos.

Funny face photos of a baby girl in her newborn photos

After the family photos Aria needed a little bit of a top of milk. She was happy to play with me while we waited for her to get nice and sleepy. She was pulling all sorts of faces and had these beautiful big wide open eyes.

Baby in a blue fur

I often start with wrapped photos as this helps get baby nice and cosy and sleepy. By doing wrapped poses, I can quickly move through several setups to change the look. At the same time we get variety in the photos.

Newborn baby girl in a mini bed with purple colours and flowers

I love including flowers and textures in our images it is a way to add another element without it overwhelming the baby.

Cream potato sack pose in a newborn photo shoot in Thornlands

I love a simple Potato Sack pose. We can make babies super cute and we often bring out the bear ears for this situation adding that extra element of cuteness. You can see my edit of the potato sack pose here.

Baby girl in a bucket with purple flowers

Aria-Rose was happy and content as I started to unwrap her and we were able to get this stunning setup in a bucket.

Baby in mum and dads arms

Lastly we fully unwrap and undress baby. Here we can do parent hand photos and further work on the beanbag like the images below. Anything after our wrapped prop photos is a bonus in my eyes. I find this workflow to be the least stressful for baby and the parents.

Baby girl on the bean bag in pink and dusty purple

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  1. Absolutely stunning images of our new baby niece xx Too much parentals (not sure if i’m allowed to comment their names lol) and awesome work Tulip Flare Photography x

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