William- Bloom With Me Baby-12 Months- Cake Smash

It is hard to believe that I photographed William 12 Months ago when he was just a few days old.He is such a cheeky little character now and super fast!!

But he slowed down enough to taste the cake during his 12 Month celebratory Cake Smash. William is one of our Bloom with Me Babies and has been photographed at 2 Weeks, 6 Months and now 12 Months of age. I love seeing how they change over their first year. Their faces stay the same but their personailities and talents change.

Newborn baby on a blue flokati rug
William during his Newborn session just a few days old.

Similing 6 Month old Baby in a photo shoot Baby in a bucket with a cow

William during his 6 Month Bloom With Me baby Session. He has learnt how to sit now and is so full of smiles.

He has not changed my in his face since his sitting session but he is now a lot faster. He is walking, dancing, clapping, smiling, likes puppies – mine is just outside the window.

Cake Smash Session in Thornlands A Cake Smash for a babies 1st birthday in Brisbane
Traditionally Cake Smashes are done around 11-12 months to celebrate your baby turning 1 year old. William was sucking his fingers and we could just hear “mmmmm” as he tasted the cake each mouthful.
Bath photo of a baby after his cake smash by a Brisbane Photographer























I follow up the cake smash with a Bath full of water to play in and to clean up. As you can see William enjoyed his bath very much and tried to splash me on more than one occasion.

Bloom with me baby sessions are available as an add on to any newborn session for just $100. Cake Smash and Baby Sitter sessions are also available as individual sessions for those who did not have a newborn session with me.

Cake: The Cupcake Effect Facebook Page
Topper: Cutesy Lala Facebook Website
Bath: Propsidaisy Facebook Page

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