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Hi All

It has been a while since my last post. I have been busy on my next project: My new baby.

I braved the camera myself to take some self portraits and test out some new lighting that I recently learnt. I love that I actually have a photo of my big round belly as I didn’t do these for Cooper and my only photos are from Steve sitting on the couch pointing the camera at me from a very unflattering angle. These are the end result. I was 36weeks in these photos. I always recommend to Maternity clients to photograph somewhere between 30-36 weeks to ensure you have a big enough bump but are not too uncomfortable.

IMG_0031 copy IMG_0005 copy

So on February 14 2013 – Yes a Valentines Day baby- She arrived! Baby Elena Jessie entered the world at a whopping 9lb 8oz or 4.31kgs. With a head full of hair and a cute little dimple in one cheek she was the biggest surprise and best Valentines Day present we could have received. She is doted on by her brother and smothered with kisses everyday.

IMG_0092 copy IMG_0169cropped copy IMG_0114 copy IMG_0168 copy IMG_0220 copy IMG_0202 copy IMG_0188

She is our little angel! I am now nearly recovered and open for sessions again. Elena will probably still be attending sessions for a little while as she is still only 8weeks old and not keen on a bottle yet.

On a side note I am currently in the processing on updating the website so there may be some changes on here over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience all!! Hope to see you all soon.


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