Taylor- Newborn Baby Photography

Taylor- Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photography is typically best done when your baby is under 10 days old but sometimes things happen that prevent this from happening. Meet Taylor he was born 4 weeks premature and was in hospital for quite sometime afterwards so when he came to me he was officially 10 weeks old or 6 weeks corrected. This means he was a little more awake and not supposed to be as curly.

Taylor still slept beautifully and still curled up nicely so we could get some gorgeous photos of him. He did however have a little bit of awake time and that is ok. I love awake shots they have so much character even at this early age. Taylor is so sweet.
Sleeping baby in navy blue during a redlands photo shoot
Green tones of a newborn baby photography session in Brisbane
Yellow newborn baby photos in little shorts. Newborn baby in a photo wearing a red hat and smiling
Awake baby in blue
Black and white photo of an awake baby in the hands photo

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  1. Welcome to the world Taylor. You are so cute and lovely. Congratulations Kirsty and hubby for having such a cute little boy.

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