Sweet Carter- Brisbane Newborn Session

Sweet Carter- Brisbane Newborn Photography Session

Sweet Carter had his newborn photos completed before Christmas Time ( I know I am a little bit behind on my updates). Although these images may not show it Carter had other ideas than having a newborn photo shoot with me.

Newborn photograph in a bowl

I spent a good hour wrapping and settling before he finally drifted into a deep sleep. In fact it really shocked us that he suddenly just drifted off to sleep. But as we know newborn babies can be unpredictable at the best of times and as soon as we realised we had our shot we made the most of it!

Sweet mummy cuddles with her newborn baby

I even convinced his gorgeous mummy to have a photograph with him. Which I am sure she will now treasure forever!
It's the newborn details that make them sepecial

We also got to capture some of his gorgeous features. Just look at those juicy newborn lips and itty bitty fingers! I love using light to create these images and using it it in different ways to light my subject.

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