Size Really Does Matter When It Comes To Framing Your Family Portraits!

 Size Really Does Matter When It Comes To Framing Your Family Portraits!

Size really does matter. Ever had family portraits taken with the intention of purchasing just your digital files so you can print your 5×7 prints and 8×12 prints at the local photo store? You have just taken the time out of your life to seek a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of you and you celebrate this special time in your life by purchasing a tiny 5×7 gift print or maybe an 8×12 because it seems like a bigger size.

What people need to understand is that the negative space around your tiny little 5×7 print is actually taking away from your gorgeous photos. I have software that will allow me to help you design artwork for your home. This software allows me to import your own photos into the image so you can see what it looks like on your wall. Best part is I can even use a photo of your own walls to create the display so you can see what size will look best on the wall. These following photos are all scaled to size so it shows you exactly what the size is in relation to furniture in the room.

Redlands Photographer demonstrates how a small frame on the wall looks

You can see in this photo I have a 5×7 print in a 1 inch frame with no mat. I can’t even see the families faces- can you see how many people are in the photo? Can you recognise who they are? If you were in this room you would need to be standing at the fireplace to see the photo.

Thornlands Photographer demonstrates  how size of prints matters

This image here is an 8″x12″ framed print. You receive this same size print as a bonus when you book a session with Tulip Flare Photography. As you can see it is bigger but still difficult to see any real detail in the photo. You could choose three 8×12 prints and this would fill your space nicely.

Alternatively you could purchase a statement piece or a collection for your home!

Redlands Photographer demonstrates how a large frame on the wall looks

There much better. I can see faces now! This is a 20″x 30″ framed print. It is a great size for a statement.

Brisbane Photographer demonstrates  how size of prints matters

Again here we can see the 20″ x 30″ framed print fits well above a couch or maybe a cot. A 20″ x 30″ Canvas size is the same as the actual image without the frame and mat. You can have a choice of either a canvas or a framed print in the same size as these images in our Diamond Collection along with lots of other goodies- including the most sort after digital files.

Another alternative is to look into our Wall Collections. You get at least 3 canvas or framed prints in a collection of set sizes.

7 Resized

This here is our Perfection collection. Three 16″x20″ Canvas to line up on your wall. Or spread them out across a room or house. It is a great way to save some money as our wall collections are all discounted.

Thornlands Photographer demonstrates  how size of prints matters
Or here is our Divine Collection. One 16″x 24″ and Two 16″x 16″ Canvas. A great option for our newborn or maternity photos. This is quite a small space yet it has enough room for three gorgeous images from your newborn photography session.

These are just some ideas on how to choose sizes for your home. It shows you how a small image may seem like a good option at the time as it is affordable. Best part is we offer Take Home Layby so you can enjoy your portraits before you have paid for them. Our products are made to last a life time so these could potentially become family heirlooms that your grand children will one day look at!

We also offer custom collections so you can create the perfect set up for your wall!

Book your session today and exist on your walls!


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