Newborn Photography- Lorna Kirkby Workshop

As a newborn photographer, I am continuously striving to develop my skills in posing of young babies. It is really important that newborn photography is carried out in a safe environment and is safe posing for the baby. This is one of many reasons I regularly attend posing workshops. I was lucky enough to attend Lorna Kirkby Photography’s Newborn Photography Mentoring workshop on Saturday along with a few other newborn photographers. If ever you get the chance to attend a workshop I highly recommend it.

Lorna Kirkby Photography Lorna Kirkby Photograph Lorna Kirkby Photograph Lorna Kirkby Photograph

Lorna Kirkby Photography

Hosted by the lovely Fiona at Dream Art Photography we were able to watch Lorna pose these gorgeous babies. She made it look effortless and both of these babies are over the recommended 10days. Oliver was 18 days and Lola 13 days, putting the end to the myth that older babies cannot be posed this way. Oliver was definately less flexible by this point but as you can see we still got amazing images.
Lorna Kirkby Photography

I loved every minute of the work shop and am looking forward to putting some new skills into practise. One might ask why do you need to do yet another posing class? I got asked this at the workshop and my response is simple, each time I go to a workshop I can focus on watching something new. So when I attended Connie’s workshop last year I was learning how to get baby into a pose, this time I watched the finer details- how to finish my pose. This was a natural light class the other one artificial light so now I can offer both. It means on a wet weather day I don’t have to reschedule yet on clear sunny days I can use beautiful soft natural light. Every newborn photographer has a different style and use different methods.
Lorna Kirkby Photography

All of these images have been posed by Lorna and the props supplied by the lovely Fiona. We were then given the opportunity to snap away to capture the images you are now hopefully enjoying. I learnt so much from this workshop and look forward to meeting some new clients to try some of these sessions out.
Lorna Kirkby Photography Lorna Kirkby Photography Lorna Kirkby Photography Lorna Kirkby Photography Lorna Kirkby Photography

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