My Baby Summit Experience

My Baby Summit Experience

So on 1 August 2015, I along with nearly 300 other newborn photographers headed to Twin Towns on the Gold Coast for what would be an amazing and life changing experience at The Baby Summit. The Baby Summit is a conference especially designed for Birth, Newborn and Maternity photographers. My husband will tell you it was more of a party session than a learning experience but he is so far from the truth. Yes there were a couple of parties and I made some amazing new friends and caught up with some old friends
300 Newborn Photographers in one placeThe Baby Summit entry tagFriends at the Baby Summit






It is a learning experience like no other. Over 3 days I watched world renowned photographers such as Kelly Brown, Erin Hoskins, Rachel Vanoven, Louisa Dunn and Sue Bryce speak and demonstrate their craft.

The Baby Summit-Rachel VanovenThe Baby Summit-Louisa Dunn






It also gave me the chance to meet friends who I network with regularly and actually put faces to names. I also got to meet some of the speakers too which was pretty exciting. It was great to see so many photographers work and I think the biggest thing I took away was that every single one is successful no matter how they choose to shoot, run their business or props they use. They all have their own individual style that makes them who they are today.

The Baby Summit-Erin Hoskins The Baby Summit-Rachel Vanoven







I am now on a mission to find my own style and am already making big changes in the way I think and see my business.

Oh did I mention I met Sue Bryce!!!!! If you are not sure who she is Sue Bryce is an amazing women’s portrait photographer and has changed the worlds way of thinking when it comes to posing. But more than that she is an inspirational speaker.
The Baby Summit-Sue Bryce





Hearing her speak made me realise I block so many opportunities that come my way because of a fear of not being good enough. I am currently working through her 28 Days with Sue Bryce Challenges and have discovered I really love portraiture of all sorts not just newborns but also women in general. So you will be seeing a change coming up as I gain more experience in this area. But more to the point I am feeling fresh and revived after seeing her speak and realise I can make this a viable a business and I am worth it.

If anybody is thinking of attending the The Baby Summit then there is good news for you all as they have just announced that there will be another one in 2016. So don’t hesitate just do it!! It will change your life! I put every $$ I earned leading up to the Summit into my ticket and I am proud to say I paid for the conference without needing a donation from my family. If you want it badly enough you will make it happen!

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