Sweet Newborns- Master L- 9 Days New-Brisbane and Redlands Newborn Photographer

This young man came to visit me with his very sweet and nervous mum and dad. I love watching the new mums and dads get excited while they watch me work. He was my first newborn since the birth of my own daughter and was a delight to work with. He pretty much did whatever I made him do with no complaints. All of these poses were done safely with mum or dad sitting nearby or even supporting him. Oh and isn’t the quilt his grandma made him amazing!
2013-08-17_0029.jpg 2013-08-17_0028.jpg 2013-08-17_0026.jpg 2013-08-17_0025.jpg 2013-08-17_0024.jpg 2013-08-17_0023.jpg 2013-08-17_0022.jpg 2013-08-17_0021.jpg 2013-08-17_0020.jpg 2013-08-17_0019.jpg 2013-08-17_0018.jpg 2013-08-17_0017.jpg 2013-08-17_0016.jpg 2013-08-17_0015.jpg 2013-08-17_0014.jpg 2013-08-17_0013.jpg 2013-08-17_0012.jpg 2013-08-17_0011.jpg 2013-08-17_0010.jpg 2013-08-17_0009.jpg

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  1. Wow, these shots are GREAT!! He is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. I love the imaginary air guitar shot.

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