Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Leighton

Brisbane Newborn Photographer – Leighton

When Leighton’s mum contacted me about doing a newborn photography session for her soon to arrive baby boy, Leighton, I was excited to hear she wanted to create something unique. This was something I had never attempted although had done plenty of composite photos before and was confident I could create the image that Jasmine had her mind. Her partner was a mechanic and loves anything motorsports so was able to source an amazing wheel for us to use during our session. So when Jasmine called to say Leighton had arrived we were both excited to see what we could come up with. We started the session like any newborn session. His big sister the avid helper and assistant photographer, was a energetic and charismatic. She won over my make up artist Melissa from Beuti4l while she did her mummy’s hair and makeup.

Blue steel face pulled by a newborn by a Brisbane newborn photographer. Sibling photo with a big sister.

Family photos during a newborn photography session in Thornlands, Redland City

When Leighton finally drifted off to sleep we were able to attempt our magic shot. It was a shot of Leighton lying onto of a tyre. You can see our finished result here but it truly was a team effort. Dad was holding the tyre, mum had Leighton safely under her hand and I was trying to create the magic.We did this safely with a composite of two images. One of the tyre free standing while Leighton was off safely having a feed with his mummy and then the next was with mum, dad and Leighton in the photo. I then removed them using the original photo to make it look like Leighton was lying on top of the tyre. So this is a very safe image. I would not recommend trying this unless you are confident and never put a baby in danger but I will cover this in another blog post.

Newborn Baby sleeping on a tyre on a grey background with Brisbane newborn photographer, Tulip Flare Photography

Baby sleeping in a tushie up pose on a white blanket during a newborn baby photography session in Redlands

Baby in a newborn nest with brown colours

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