Prop Tutorial- How to make a Faux Wood Floor for a Photography Studio

Prop Tutorial- How to make a Faux Wood Floor for a Photography Studio

So I have had a few people ask how I made my white wood floor that I recently posted on facebook about so here is how I went about it.

I have been trying to come up with some new ideas for my new studio to keep things fresh. I love my dark floorboards but wanted to add some variety with a lighter floor. I looked at buying the same type of clip together laminate flooring that I have for my dark floor but having a look around I couldn’t see anything I really liked. I researched on the web and found a couple of different tutorials but still I really wanted an antique type finish and nothing really gave me that look.

What Equipment Do I Need?

1 Pine Panel cut into your desired lengths- I just had it cut into two 1.2m x1.4m pieces

1-2 Paint Brushes

1 base coat- I have just used a left over external house paint but you could pick anything really.

1 top coat- I chose a flat paint as I felt it would help stop reflection. I chose White but you could pick   any colour you like


I went to Bunnings (our local hardware store) and after walking the aisles several times, came across a pine panelling that looked like flooring but was in one big piece. I paid $46.00 for a 2.4m x1.4m panel and had them cut it in half giving me two panels.

Wood flooring ready to be painted for a wood backdrop

I already had some flat white paint that was a sample pot I got from a previous project and thought I would try staining the wood first, paint over with the white paint and sand it back. While it wasn’t a complete fail the stain was obviously not dark enough and gave an orange tinge to the panels. Not nice and pretty for photos. So pretend the white in the photo is just a nice undercoat!
First coat of paint on a white faux wood floor

It just so happens, my neighbour is a painter and comes in very handy for sourcing different shades of paint that he has in his shed. He found some old grey paint for me (don’t ask me the colour I wouldn’t know what it is). So I started over again.

I gave the panels 2 coats of the grey paint. I was not too worried about brush marks. You could also probably just use a roller but would need to paint the grooves with a paint brush anyway.
Painting on a darker grey to the wood backdrop

When it was dry, I got a rag, brush and the white paint. I lightly brushed on the white paint with rough strokes making sure to get in the creases of the panels.

While the paint was still wet I wiped the excess paint off but still leaving some patches darker than others.
How to whitewash the wood backdrop

When the paint was dry I got a sander with some sandpaper and got my inner Karate Kid going- Think Wax on Wax off!

I sanded with the grain and put extra pressure in some areas more than others. The more you sand the more the under colour will show.
Sanding at faux wood floor

Stood Back and admired my work while my site manager cheered me on!
Happy little helpers
Happy Little helper - baby

I did this over a couple of hours so really not too time consuming. I think the final result is really effective and gives me a lovely distressed timber look. If you really wanted to you could probably even put a dark stain or paint on the other side for a different backdrop look.

Total cost was $46 for a floor and backdrop or potentially even 3 backdrops and a floor.

It would probably cost a little more if you have to buy some paint brushes and paint- I was lucky enough not to have to pay.

This is quite heavy and probably not the best floor if you have a mobile studio- I did get into my car to transport it to my studio but I have a Pajero and had to lay the seats down and only just fit it in the car with my daughters car seat in place still. But as I have an allocated studio space it is perfect for what I want.

Baby in a basket using a Faux Wood backdrop
Baby in a basket using the Faux Wood backdrop
Faux Wood backdrop in use during a Thornland Baby Photo Session
Faux Wood Floor backdrop in use by a Thornlands Baby Photographer

The results speak for themselves- I am really happy with the finished product.

Hope this helps some of you!


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