Happy Little Vegemite

I was recently completing an Album for Cooper to show all his milestones just like any other mother. Although I made a photographic collection of moments. It dawned on me I had not taken any photos of Cooper in the past 3 Months. So I made it my mission to capture some photos this past month.

Anyhow it just so happened I left my camera out on the bench while I gave Cooper some Vegemite Crackers. Lucky I did as I had it on hand ready for the mess that followed. After licking the vegemite off the biscuit the plate they were resting on “accidently” tipped over! “Oh Dear” is what I hear from my little Aussie!

Hope you are all keeping warm this winter and hope to show you some of my photos that I am currently working on soon.

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    Katey October 11, 2012

    These are just too cute

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