Happy Birthday Zibby

It has been sometime since I have been on to my blog. Lots of things happening here. Last weekend I got to attend my cousin’s 21st Birthday Party! She asked if I had any ideas to make the night different. I suggested a photobooth! So I glammed up my backdrop and purchased and made some props for inspiration. This is the end result! You might even see a couple of photos of me in there, care of my husband Steve- you can’t miss me- I am the one with the pregnant belly.

Anyways- Happy 21st Birthday Zibby! I still remember giving you a cuddle as a chubby little baby on holidays in the Burdekin light years ago!

If you are interested in a photobooth for an event  Рfeel free to contact Tulip Flare Photography for a quote at tennille.flanagan@bigpond.com.



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