Sweet Families- Giggles, Fun and Brotherly Love- Brisbane Family Photographer

This session was full of laughs (mainly for us adults) as we watch the kids attempt to have a photo altogether. My friend Cassie asked me to try and get a nice photo of her three kids and warned me that they are unlikely to cooperate but she had found an old timber frame she wanted to turn into a piece of art for her husband for a fathers day present. So we decided a canvas would be the perfect decision. Well things started off pretty well and I think the final result is a pretty cute picture of the three of them on a chaise I recently won from Bumblebee Boutique http://www.bumblebeeboutique.com.au/. I thought I would take it outside for this shoot to help “contain” the three angels! It did the trick and they sat or at least stayed in the area for about 20mins but once bubble time came the chase was on. Who needs to exercise when you can chase three kids around hoping you can get one still enough to take a photo. My motto with kids just go with it and you get what you get and it will be completely real for the family. We had a few brotherly and sisterly love/hate moments but all in all we had a great result for Cassies very special fathers day present for their dad! Hope you had a great Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.










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