What is the best age to photograph a Newborn?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is when they are under 14 days of age.  However if your baby is a little older that does not mean you cannot have beautiful photographs of your little one. We can accommodate older babies upto 6 weeks of age. It is just important to be aware that babies older than 2 weeks lose flexibility,can have issues with settling, baby acne can start to appear and generally sleep a lot less.

When should I Book my Newborn Session?

Newborn sessions are limited so it is best to book while you are still pregnant. You can contact me at any time during your pregnancy and we will book you in for your estimated due date. When you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby you will need to contact me as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time and day for your session.

When should I Book my Maternity Session?

For a round belly we suggest you book your session so you will be between 30-35 weeks pregnant. This means you are still comfortable while we do the session but still have a gorgeous large belly. However our maternity sessions can be held right up until you are due- just be warned that things change very quickly in those last few days.

Alternative to a maternity session perhaps you would like to do an announcement session. Announce that you are expecting a baby or to tell everyone what the gender of your baby is.For these session it will depend on when you find out this information.

What to Expect at my Newborn Photography Session?

Your newborn session takes place in my natural light home studio in Thornlands, Redland City. When you arrive you will find the studio heated to a toasty 28 degrees. Often baby will need a feed when you first arrive so we will undress them and wrap them up in preparation. If all goes well your baby will be nice and sleepy ready for their session. You can expect your session to take between 2-3 hours. I usually photograph your baby in their natural state so there is no need to provide any props or clothing.

Baby’s have so many milestones they develop in their first year. These baby sessions are designed to capture your little one at their finest – when they are learning a new skill! Babies are often so proud to show off a new skill such as sitting, crawling, standing or walking. I work with your babies to create a cute and fun image that can stay on your wall for a lifetime. They are designed to capture up to 2-3 children and essentially milestones that your little one has achieved.

Bloom with Me Baby sessions are built to capture these special moments that will otherwise pass by in a flash!

My baby has not reached it’s milestones yet for the Bloom with Me Baby session?

Babies develop at different rates and some reach milestones earlier than others. We will base your sessions around basic milestones such as Pushing up off their tummy, Sitting and Standing. These milestones are often reached around these times:

Four Months: Can push up on their tummy and smile. May be able to play with toes.

Six to Eight months: They are often sitting, pushing up on their tummy and maybe clapping. Most importantly they have loads of personality that make this a fun session. We might even try a food tasting photo.

Nine-12 months: They are a usually super fast by now!! Whether it be by crawling or walking there is usually no stopping them. This session will include a Cake Smash to celebrate them reaching the end of their first year.

What locations can we use during our outdoor sessions?

Brisbane and Gold Coast have some amazing locations to have family portraits done. I love families to interact with each other in a relaxed environment. Whether it is in a park or the beach we will create some beautiful images for your home.Redland City has some beautiful locations in areas such as Thornlands, Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Ormiston, Wellington Point, Cleveland, Mt Cotton and Victoria Point. If you have somewhere special you like to go together that is the perfect place to go otherwise I am more than happy to help you decide on a location.

What is the best time of day to have my Session?

Afternoons usually about 1-2 hours before sunset are usually the best time to have your outdoor sessions as you get the beautiful warm glow of the sun as it starts to set.

Photography Session that are held in my studio are best in the morning and most of my sessions start around 10am. This usually works well for most newborn babies but if you find your older babies has a nap around this time I am happy to have you in a little later.

What to Wear to my maternity session?

Pinterest is a great source of ideas for what to wear in different seasons although we are blessed in the Redlands to have gorgeous weather most of the year round. Avoid logos. I like to tell people to coordinate but don’t match. Add Texture and Accessories. Take a look an article by Paint the Moon for inspiration on these. Here in the studio I have plenty of fabrics, drapes and gowns that will suit most women. I suggest bringing in some black and skin coloured underwear, bra or crop tops. If you are feeling adventurous even some gorgeous lingerie will look beautiful.

Time to complete your photographs?

Post processing of your images is around 3 weeks. This may vary according to my current workload but I will keep you upto date with your photos. Usually a sneak peek will be available within a few days of your session so make sure to keep an eye out on our facebook page. When your images are ready I will arrange a time that suits you to view and choose your selection.


Payment of your session fee is due within 7 days of you booking your session. This will secure your date. Payment of collections will be due on the day of your viewing appointment. I can accept Paypal, Cheque, Cash or Credit Card on the day.

Payment in installments:

I am happy to accept smaller payments after your viewing session however I will not release work until payment is completed.

Safety and Hygiene:

Your baby’s safety is the most important thing to me. I will never risk the safety of your baby for the sake of the shot. Some of my images are composites in Photoshop which means that the baby has been supported entirely and parent’s arm or hand is erased in Photoshop. I will never place your baby in an unsafe or uncomfortable pose.  I have attended several newborn posing courses so I am confident in posing a baby safely. I always ask that a parent or assistant is beside the baby throughout the session.  After each session, I wash fabrics and props used to ensure there is good hygiene.

Can I purchase RAW files from you?

I do not offer RAW files to my clients. I choose the best of the session. Many images are duplicates or blurred ( it is really tricky focusing on those teeny tiny eyelashes) or they are simply a duplicate image that I have taken. If there are two images that are similar I choose the best one that represents my style. These 25-30 images are fully edited and saved as High Resolution JPEG files which is suitable to print on most computers. It is these images that are shown to you during your session.

Where to Print:

All of my printed products are printed on the highest quality of professional paper at a professional printing lab.  The computer and software I edit with is calibrated to print exactly as it should at this lab.  Taking your USB to other printing companies or cheap printing labs may not produce the work as it should be printed. These places often have computers that will change the editing on your photos and can create some scary results ( Think green martian babies). I will consult with clients on this at the viewing appointment and advise where to take your USB for prints/canvases or books etc.

Why do photographers charge what they charge?

Professional newborn photographers are trained in safe practices and the handling of new babies which is an additional skill in itself.  Make this a primary consideration before deciding on your newborn photographer. If you admire the style of imagery you see by a particular photographer, pricing should not be the primary consideration to book your session. There are many overhead costs associated with running a photographic business including the high cost of advertising, purchasing and maintaining professional camera equipment and computer software for editing, props and materials, insurances, running of a vehicle to locations and photographic companies, the time it takes to photograph, edit and organise delivery of finished work, training/workshops that is ongoing and always evolving with the art of photography not to mention the time it takes to clean a studio/home studio and props used after each session.  There are also additional costs for utilities ie running heating during baby sessions etc. Anyone can take a photo but it takes a professional photographer to create a piece of art so consider the skill, style and expertise of the photographer.