Eldron the Elf on the Shelf- Brisbane Photographer

Eldron the Elf on the Shelf- Brisbane Photographer

So I was hoping to post these each day but it has been a little crazy around here this week. So I have combined the past few days of Eldron the Elf on the Shelf antics into one post.

Day 1- Cooper woke up to find Eldron had taken his new buddies, Woody, Brainy and the Little Guy out for a spin in Cooper’s remote control car. Cooper was not too impressed and told me to return Eldron to his shelf.

Elf on the Shelf driving a car

Day 2- It seems Eldron was trying to use up the last of the Helium tank we had on loan for Cooper’s party and decided to take a flight across the lounge room with some of the balloons he had blown up.

Elf on the Shelf take a hot air balloon ride

Day 3- Eldron left Cooper a note saying he noticed we had not put our tree up yet and that he bought us some decorations to decorate our tree with. So we got to it and we had fun putting the Christmas decorations up.
Elf on the Shelf decorate the tree

Day 4- It took us a little while this morning to find him but found Eldron sitting on our clock getting a birds eye view of the house to keep a better eye on Cooper and Elena.
Elf on the Shelf on the clock

Day 5- This morning (5:30am) Cooper squealed when he saw where Eldron was- he was at the top of the Christmas Tree. Not really sure how or why he got up there and Cooper thought Daddy may have put him up there but Daddy said he had no idea how he got up there so he must be magic!
Elf on the Shelf climbing the tree

Stay tuned for more adventures of Eldron the Elf on the shelf!

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