Snakes, Spiders and Birds Oh My!- Brisbane Maternity Photos

Snakes, Spiders and Birds Oh My! Cody’s Maternity Photos

LOL Not really well we did have to dodge the spider webs in the trees and got eaten alive by the mosquitoes – I forgot my bug spray! There were also plovers roaming the field- If you are not sure what a plover is duck for cover as they swoop past your head with their razor sharp claws! We were definitely on the lookout for snakes in the long grass as another photographer I know recently got bitten by a snake on a shoot!

This maternity session is on an empty block around the corner from my house and I knew it would create amazing maternity photos. So Cody who is 8 months pregnant came along for an experiment. Imagine our disappointment when we find the field has been partially mowed! Thankfully the mower man had gone home before the sun reached golden hour and we were able to trudge over the mowed section to this gorgeous spot! We both love the results of the long grass is just perfect!

Wondering about the dresses? I have made both of the dresses in these maternity photos. I stayed up until almost 11pm threading tulle onto elastic to create the perfect maternity dress.The best part is it separates so it fits any size and the body section can be worn alone or with the skirt! The second dress I made some time ago. It also is a gown that can be fixed to suit the shape of the women wearing the dress.

Brisbane Maternity Photos

Brisbane Maternity Photos
Thornlands Maternity Photos

I have since heard that Cody has had a beautiful baby girl.

Cody’s maternity photos looks amazing though and I know she had a tough time choosing her images!

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