Sweet Baby Milestones

Baby wearing a flower bonnet

Babies, Piper and Aria Show Off Their Sitting Skills

I had a couple of gorgeous babies in the studio recently to test out some new props for Lou Lou’s Prop Shop recently.

While we were shooting we got some gorgeous images but a couple of great little videos. Piper and Aria were both a delight to photograph and put on a show for the whole session.

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The final images from our session can be seen below. Many of these props were on loan by Lou Lou’s Prop Shop but some were sourced by Tulip Flare Photography from vendors such as Gumnut and Bloom , Mini Hearts Props and Sweet Sews by Ann .

Crawling baby with a flower bonnet on in her baby milestone photos Baby sitting on a day bed with orange furs and flowers Baby having a food smash in her baby milestone photos Baby sitting on a mini bed in a flower crown 8 month old baby sitting on a log bench Baby sitting during a photoshoot in Thornlands Baby having a food smash during a baby milestone session
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Tulip Flare 2 from Louisa Sams on Vimeo.

Newborns, Babies and Families take a look back- 10 months until now.

Newborns, Babies and Families take a look back- 10 months until now.

Gosh I have been so slack at blogging lately. To catch up I decided to do a little bulk blog. Some of these images are over 6 months old which is crazy!!! This year has just flown past! I have been really finding my style this year and am really happy with my nice clean and simple style with a few props thrown in for fun. I have been to the Baby Summit in August for the second year running and picked up a few new things during the 4 day workshop. I can’t believe this is my 5th year taking photos of the gorgeous families of Redlands and Brisbane. I hope to see you all over the next year and will try my best to stay on top of the blogging from now on!!

Thornlands Newborn and baby photographer

Thornlands Newborn and baby photographer

Thornlands Newborn and baby photographer

Thornlands Newborn and baby photographer

Amelia-3 Month old Baby Milestone Photos

3 Month old Baby Milestone Photos- Amelia

3 Month old baby, Amelia was celebrating this milestone and what better way to record this moment than to have professional photos taken with me yesterday. She was an absolute dream to photograph. All smiles and with those big wide eyes taking everything in it was an easy session. Three Month old babies can be a little tricky to photograph as they are limited to what they can do but we captured a large range of photos during this Mini Session. Take a look at this gorgeous girl!

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

Amelia was full of smiles on the rug and was happy to wear one of my favourite props, a flower bonnet by Wildflower Photography Props.

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

We then had some fun playing on the floor in an Andie Rose Designs Romper and tiebacks by My Vintage Girl!. I love both of these items and highly recommend both for your little girls!

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

My favourite image of the session was her flowerbed photos. I recently did a portrait of a women in a flower bed and thought at the time how it would be beautiful for a baby too. So Amelia was happily talking to me as I set it up around her. These are individual flowers that are placed around her and along with some photoshop magic this is the finished result. I absolutely love it and perhaps I will try it next on a newborn baby girl.

I had loads of fun during this Mini Baby Session.




A Cake Smash for a babies 1st birthday in Brisbane

William- Bloom With Me Baby-12 Months- Cake Smash

William- Bloom With Me Baby-12 Months- Cake Smash

It is hard to believe that I photographed William 12 Months ago when he was just a few days old.He is such a cheeky little character now and super fast!!

But he slowed down enough to taste the cake during his 12 Month celebratory Cake Smash. William is one of our Bloom with Me Babies and has been photographed at 2 Weeks, 6 Months and now 12 Months of age. I love seeing how they change over their first year. Their faces stay the same but their personailities and talents change.

Newborn baby on a blue flokati rug
William during his Newborn session just a few days old.

Similing 6 Month old Baby in a photo shoot Baby in a bucket with a cow

William during his 6 Month Bloom With Me baby Session. He has learnt how to sit now and is so full of smiles.

He has not changed my in his face since his sitting session but he is now a lot faster. He is walking, dancing, clapping, smiling, likes puppies – mine is just outside the window.

Cake Smash Session in Thornlands A Cake Smash for a babies 1st birthday in Brisbane
Traditionally Cake Smashes are done around 11-12 months to celebrate your baby turning 1 year old. William was sucking his fingers and we could just hear “mmmmm” as he tasted the cake each mouthful.
Bath photo of a baby after his cake smash by a Brisbane Photographer























I follow up the cake smash with a Bath full of water to play in and to clean up. As you can see William enjoyed his bath very much and tried to splash me on more than one occasion.

Bloom with me baby sessions are available as an add on to any newborn session for just $100. Cake Smash and Baby Sitter sessions are also available as individual sessions for those who did not have a newborn session with me.

Cake: The Cupcake Effect Facebook Page
Topper: Cutesy Lala Facebook Website
Bath: Propsidaisy Facebook Page

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Bloom with Me Baby

I would like to introduce our new Bloom with Me Baby programs. These sessions are going to capture your baby when they achieve special milestones in their first year. As a parent I know all too well just how fast your baby grows up. One minute you are nursing this squeaking infant fumbling through the fog of sleepless nights and the next you are a proud mummy or daddy enjoying the squeals and laughs of your soon to be toddler or you may already have one!

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By photographing your baby regularly you will cherish these moments forever.

So how does Bloom with me Baby work?

First you choose two baby sessions for the low price of $180 or if you add onto a newborn session it is only $100. These sessions are between 25-1 hour long ( depending on your baby on the day). You choose from a 4 Month, 6-7 Month or 9-12Month session. The 12 month session includes a fun Cake Smash to celebrate your biggest milestone to date- turning 1!

By completing these sessions you will receive your first REWARD! A BONUS family session anytime in the second year of your baby.

Family photos with a baby in Boondall Wetlands

When you spend more than $500 or more at each of your sessions you will be entitled to a special REWARD in the form of a printed product. There are different levels available depending on what you spend.

We also have special products on offer in the Bloom with Me Baby package that are unique to this program and not with and of our other sessions.

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