Brisbane Newborn Photographer- Eleni-Older Newborn Baby

 Brisbane Newborn Photographer- Miss Eleni- Older Newborn Baby

Miss Eleni came for a visit last year (yes I am just catching up now). She was a little older than a fresh newborn but she still gave us some great results. At just 16 days old, Eleni is an older newborn baby. An older newborn baby can be a little harder to settle as colic can start setting in around the time a baby is 2 weeks old.

Once we got Eleni settled we were able to still get her into some great poses!

Newborn photography is recommended before 10days old for optimum results but as Eleni has proved, beautiful results can still be achieved with an older baby.

So even if your baby is a little older be sure to call Tulip Flare Photography~ Brisbane Newborn Photographer to book a session on 0417 746 157.

Wide awake newborn photos

Thornlands Photographer using a pink wrap

Newborn baby posing with head on hands

Older newborn baby in the head on hands pose used by a Brisbane newborn photographer

Family photos from a newborn photo shoot

Newborn baby in the hands of her dad on a black background

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