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I love maternity photos. I love how it can make a women celebrate her beautiful round belly and curvy new shape.

I remember both of my pregnancies like it was yesterday. I remember being pregnant with my son and asking my husband to take a photo of me so I could show my future child what I looked like when I carried him/or her in my belly. My husband just took a photo from the couch and so that is all I have. A photo of me looking frumpy, feeling huge and swollen. To this day I wish I had enlisted the help of a friend to take those photos. My daughter I was able to set up a self portrait of myself and to this day I love those maternity photos.

My reason for telling this story is that I understand what it feels like to be heavily pregnant. I understand how it feels to feel frumpy, so huge you can’t see your feet and your body aches all over. I still think you look amazing!!!

Pregnant women are at their most feminine moment of their lives. I love showing my babies what they looked like in their mummies tummy. How I could feel them kick and squirm. Remembering those first tiny flutters that made me burst out laughing.

I will do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable in this stage of your pregnancy and help you to celebrate your femininity.


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