Bloom with Me Baby

I would like to introduce our new Bloom with Me Baby programs. These sessions are going to capture your baby when they achieve special milestones in their first year. As a parent I know all too well just how fast your baby grows up. One minute you are nursing this squeaking infant fumbling through the fog of sleepless nights and the next you are a proud mummy or daddy enjoying the squeals and laughs of your soon to be toddler or you may already have one!

Photograph your baby every six months with Tulip Flare Photography's Baby plan

By photographing your baby regularly you will cherish these moments forever.

So how does Bloom with me Baby work?

First you choose two baby sessions for the low price of $180 or if you add onto a newborn session it is only $100. These sessions are between 25-1 hour long ( depending on your baby on the day). You choose from a 4 Month, 6-7 Month or 9-12Month session. The 12 month session includes a fun Cake Smash to celebrate your biggest milestone to date- turning 1!

By completing these sessions you will receive your first REWARD! A BONUS family session anytime in the second year of your baby.

Family photos with a baby in Boondall Wetlands

When you spend more than $500 or more at each of your sessions you will be entitled to a special REWARD in the form of a printed product. There are different levels available depending on what you spend.

We also have special products on offer in the Bloom with Me Baby package that are unique to this program and not with and of our other sessions.

So with so much fun to be had why not contact me today for a full price list and information about the Bloom with Me Baby program.

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