3 Month old Baby Milestone Photos- Amelia

3 Month old baby, Amelia was celebrating this milestone and what better way to record this moment than to have professional photos taken with me yesterday. She was an absolute dream to photograph. All smiles and with those big wide eyes taking everything in it was an easy session. Three Month old babies can be a little tricky to photograph as they are limited to what they can do but we captured a large range of photos during this Mini Session. Take a look at this gorgeous girl!

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

Amelia was full of smiles on the rug and was happy to wear one of my favourite props, a flower bonnet by Wildflower Photography Props.

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

We then had some fun playing on the floor in an Andie Rose Designs Romper and tiebacks by My Vintage Girl!. I love both of these items and highly recommend both for your little girls!

3 Month Old Baby Milestone Photos

My favourite image of the session was her flowerbed photos. I recently did a portrait of a women in a flower bed and thought at the time how it would be beautiful for a baby too. So Amelia was happily talking to me as I set it up around her. These are individual flowers that are placed around her and along with some photoshop magic this is the finished result. I absolutely love it and perhaps I will try it next on a newborn baby girl.

I had loads of fun during this Mini Baby Session.



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