A Special Group of Women and Children

Wow if you asked me 3 years ago if I would ever participate in an online forum, I probably would have said “Are you crazy you don’t know who can meet in those places!!!”.

So when I fell pregnant, I found myself searching for answers and support that only other pregnant women would understand.

That is when I discovered Essential Baby Forums- http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/. I found a group called Due 1-15 December 2010. I was due 5 December and it is here our journey began.

There were so many of us in the beginning. Sadly many of our new found friends suffered terrible losses and we were all there to support each other in these sad and scary times. These women known only by our code names shared secrets, frustrations, worries, tears and so much laughter.

These women became truly special friends to me. We were all there for each other through some very difficult times. We even set up a phone tree for when our little bundles arrived. We have still stayed in contact to this day through a private facebook page. Instead of pregnancy support we now support each other with our growing families and toddlers about to hit the “terrible twos”. Until this point only one or two of us had ever met and then on July 20 I had the pleasure of meeting 6 of these special women. Cooper and I took a flight to Melbourne and joined everyone in “freezing” Melbourne for a weekend in the Country.

It was one of the best weekend ever! Toddlers, Toys and Women everywhere. Even though we had never met we still recognised everyone as they walked through the door. The kids even took to each other immediately – running up and down the hallway, playing ball in the open paddock and sharing fruit and cheese ( with the odd car in the cheese) by the fire.

We have recently found out our story will soon be published by Essential Baby and are very excited to share it. Without these women I am not sure how I would have got through my pregnancy. Now as I face my second pregnancy ( Yes you heard correct I am pregnant with my second baby) these women are once again here for me and I am they will remain some of my closest friends, regardless of the fact they are located all around the country.

A special group of women and children.

I want to share these photos from my trip and encourage anyone who is looking for some additional support to look at joining an Essential Baby forum group.

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